About us

The Hideaway was founded in 1957, and is one of the first pizza restaurants in the state. I was Originally called the Campus Hideaway, and was located on 3rd Street, just off the Oklahoma State University campus. When Richard and Marti had their first pizza there, he made the comment, "Pizza is going to be more popular than Hamburgers."



Richard got   a job as a delivery driver his freshman year at OSU, and three years later, at age 20 he and Marti bought it so they could pay for college. They changed the name to The Hideaway, and set out to prove his statement while also creating a Stillwater tradition. In 1980 they moved their restaurant to its current location, 230 S. Knoblock just across the street from OSU's first building, Old Central. They have continued to work hard to grow their business while employing OSU students to help them get through school.

Kites! Kites! Everywhere

Why all the kites on the Hideaway walls? Richard & Marti Hideaway's owners have always enjoyed playing with the wind, and as a hobby they started flying kites. For their 25th wedding anniversary they went with a group of kitefliers to China in 1984.


 Through that experience they joined the American Kitefliers Association and Richard was appointed regional director for the southwest for 9 years, then in 1997 was elected president of the association for 3 years.


 This took them around the world to Japan, India, New Zealand, England, France, Denmark and Guadeloupe. All their travels added to their international kite collection displayed for customers delight and enjoyment.

Want to learn more about this interesting sport? go to aka.kite.org and get outside, feel the wind on your face and look up, guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

For More on and about Kites! The American Kitefliers Association kite.org Kite kits and more! kitekits.com